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I specialize in social and political philosophy, moral theory, and bioethics broadly construed (i.e. ethical issues in biology, ecology, and medicine). My current research interests focus on democratic theory, liberalism, and issues of climate justice. Recent work explores the moral implications of global warming denialism and other forms of science denial.

In March of 2014 I wrote a short article published in The Conversation, which has been the subject of much attention and misrepresentation. The form of misrepresentation this article received will be familiar to many academics working on the topic of anthropogenic global warming and the related challenges of climate change. I invite you to carefully read my article, which addresses organized efforts to undermine the public’s understanding of science relevant to health and public safety. This linked Frontline documentary is a good initial resource for those wishing to learn about organized campaigns to undermine the public’s understanding of global warming. Click on the “articles” tab above my name for preprint versions of other writings. It should be clear that published views are my own and that I do not presume to speak for anyone other than myself.