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Miscellaneous Media

My discussion, the ethics and laws surrounding crowdfunding, with Connection’s Evan Dawson, and Attorney Scott Malouf.

My discussion, on the impacts and remedies for polarization, with Connection’s Evan Dawson, and W. Alton Jones Professor of Philosophy at Vanderbilt University, Robert B. Talisse.

My discussion, on the ethics of civility in the age of Trump, with Connection’s Evan Dawson, Assembly member Harry Bronson, and Rochester business owner Kevin McCann. Should Sarah Huckabee Sanders have been asked to leave a restaurant?

My discussion, on the ethics of punching Nazis, with Connection’s Evan Dawson and Kit Miller (Director of the M.K. Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence).

My discussion with Philosopher Robert B. Talisse on climate science pseudoskepticism, and its ethical implications, for the Why We Argue podcast.

My discussion, on the impacts of withdrawing from the Paris climate agreement, with Connection’s Evan Dawson and Kevin Schulte (CEO of SunCommon NY).

My talk titled “The Uses and Abuses of Critical Thinking, or, How to be Placed on the Professor Watchlist,” RIT’s Innovative Learning Institute’s Teachers on Teaching Series.

My discussion, on the ethical implications of keeping animals in captivity for human entertainment, with Connections’ Evan Dawson and Dr. Dawn Rager of St. John Fisher’s Department of Psychology.

My discussion of Environmental and Climate Issues under the Trump administration with Megan Mack (filling in for Evan Dawson on Connections) and Dr. Karen Berger of University of Rochester’s Earth and Environmental Sciences Department.

My discussion of climate ethics, and the Open Letter from Academics to World Leaders ahead of COP21 on The Michael Slate Show, Pacifica Radio KPFK Los Angeles.

My participation in a panel discussion (with RIT public policy professor, Benjamin Deitchman) on Rochester’s Public Radio Connections with Evan Dawson. Topic: Banning “Climate Change” and “Global Warming”

My participation in a panel discussion (with solar materials scientist Dr. Susan Spencer, & Abigail McHugh-Griffa of the Rochester People’s Climate Coalition) on Rochester’s Public Radio Connections with Evan Dawson. Topic: Climate change and the 2014 midterm elections

My public lecture “Free Speech, Public Discourse, and the Moral Blameworthiness of Suffering Fools,” delivered at University of Western Australia’s Institute of Advanced Studies, is accessible in audio format with slides.

My interview with radio producer Aengus Anderson as part of The Conversation is available here.

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